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Nepal - The Most Incredible and Stunning Place on Earth

Nepal is definitely an adventurous country in Asia. It’s located at the south of the Asian region; also it borders India and China. Nepal is also known as a mountainous country because it has many mountains; moreover, some of them are in the top-ten list of the highest mountain tops of the world. Nepal grew to become a republican nation after getting rid of the monarchical rule system.
Nepal Travel Information
nepal culture kathmandu square Nepal Travel Information
sherpas wearing traditional dress Nepal Travel Information
Sherpas wearing traditional dress
everest nepal Nepal Travel Information
From the capital to the local airports, you can use more than 5 flight air-carriers. Some main air-carriers which are transporting people in Nepal are Thai airways, Nepal air carriers, Thai Airways, Dragon Air carriers, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air and Air Arabia, and their points of arrival are the Arab Emirates, Bangkok-China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and Bahrain. However, if you come from the Europe, you have to catch 2 flights to Nepal, by the Qatar, Etihad and Emirates Airways to arrive at certain locations where you can book tickets to Nepal. Nepal’s main international airport is Tribhuvan locating in Kathmandu.
From India, you are also use the Royal Enfield Motorcycles service to getting into Nepal; however, you have to stop for checking customs at the border before entering this country. By car transport along the east-west speedway between India and Nepal visitors can easily enter Nepal. Another road into Nepal from India may be the Banbasa-Mahendra Nagar border crossing in which the Mahendra freeway is appropriate to arrive Nepal by car. In addition, there are some other borders cross Nepal such as Sunauli-Bhairawa, Silinguri-Kakarbhitta, Raxaul-Birganj and Banbassa-Mahendrenagar.
mountainous region of nepal Nepal Travel Information
Nepal – Namche Baazar: town and mountain – Everest Base Camp Trek – photo by M.Samper
ghandrung village nepal himalaya Nepal Travel Information
Alternatively, vacationers may take a train from India’s train station in Raxaul to Sirsiya in the south of Nepal. But, you need to have an Indian to go with because Nepal’s law will not allow foreigners entering the nation by the train transport service.
There are always available resting places in Nepal. You will not difficultly find hotels and guesthouses. Many luxury hotels provide visitors full of necessary facilities such as a mattress, beddings, bathroom, television, and internet. Kathmandu is the most costly in the capital city about 20 US Dollars and above. For the cheaper hotels, the rooms are only set a bed without beddings and towels. The top class hotels have pools, room service, as well as an organized meal schedule for their customers. Visitors must pay 100 US Dollars or more to get the special, luxurious treatment.
nepal everest Nepal Travel Information
illam nepal Nepal Travel Information
Like many other countries in the world, Nepal has lots of destinations for travelers to uncover. The points of interest are unique and dynamic while you change from one spot to another. The Chitwan National Park is one of the popular and famous locations to discover Nepal’s wildlife like rhinos and tigers. The park includes a favorable jungle setting for that wildlife, which welcomes you into the fresh, calm arena to have interaction with wildlife itself. To learn more about the culture of the people. People and have a wide look of the Himalayas Mountains. Mountains you should go to Daman Village. Besides those destinations above, Nepal has also some other famous and interesting locations for you to spend a holiday such as the Lumbini sacred site, Mount Everest-the world’s highest mountain, Nagarkot station, Parping sacred caves, and also the Tangting village

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