Thursday, May 1, 2014

Explore the beauty of Puget Sound

Photos: Anna Norris
Between mountains and sea, the Puget Sound and the land surround surrounding it offer breathtaking sights for the avid nature-lover.
Seattle ferris wheel
From the bustling streets of Seattle, a short ferry ride carries passengers to Bainbridge Island.
Puget Sound Sunset
The Bainbridge ferry slowly moves towards the sunset as it gets closer to the island's shore. Many brave the strong wind to admire the view.
Feeding seagulls
seagull flying
A few friends might tag along — if they have incentive.
Sailboat on Puget Sound
Ferries are not the only form of transportation' sailboats swiftly journey from shore to shore. The sound grows quiet as the city fades into the distance.
Battle Point Park
On Bainbridge Island, bright and colorful nature greets you at every corner.
Mallard duckling
Calm and inviting, Battle Point Park encourages visitors to stay a while to enjoy the flora and fauna.
Point No Point Sunset
Point No Point on the Kitsap Peninsula offers spectacular views of the sunset over the sound.
Point No Point Light
Home to a charming lighthouse, the point was so named upon its discovery because of its surprisingly small size. Now, it's just the right size for travelers and locals to spend some time by the water.
Poulsbo sunset
Point No Point's scenery is beautiful, to be sure, but the shore is not the only place to catch a fantastic sunset. Just a few miles away in a town called Poulsbo, the still waters and winding walkways encourage exploration of the waterfront.
Though Washington is often taunted for being rainy and cold, the spectacular views that enclose the Puget Sound are long-lasting and well worth the wait.

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