Sunday, March 9, 2014

Five Most Beautiful Highways in The World

Driving becomes adventures when you drive through a road with lots of twist and turns. At time you may have the experience of some breathtaking moment but at the end you will realize it was a fun fill journey.  As the saying goes "a good road can never make one a good driver." If you want to try out your driving skill then you must drive your car through these 5 most beautiful highways in the world.

1. Col De Turini (France)

The Col De Turini is situated at more than 1 mile above the sea level in the mountain pass in the south of France in the Alps. Every year this road is included as the part of a 20 miles rally stage of the Monty Carlo rally in the world championship and where cars can reach the top speed of over 110 mph. The scenic beauty of the road also makes it one of the most attractive and exciting roads on Earth. This road ends in Sospel, a very pleasant small town of France.

2. Los Caracoles Pass (Andes)
The Los Caracoles road passes through the mountains from the Andes on the way between Chile and Argentina. The very popular path is covered with snow for most of the year which is difficult to deal with. This road has many steep inclines and despite of this fact the road has a strong safety record as it is maintained pretty well. Tourist buses passes daily on the road which gives the tourists an experience of both nature's beauty and an exciting ride.

3. San Bernardino Pass (Switzerland) 
The San Bernardino Pass is a high mountain pass located in the Swiss Alps at 2065 meters above the sea level. This pass connects the Swiss towns Misox and Hinterrhein, and is a driver's dream road providing some spectacular and outstanding Alpine scenes. It has an impressive 6.6 km long tunnel. The road is dominated by castles and churches, gorges and sprawling bridges, which brings you closer to some of Switzerland's most breathtaking scenery.

4. Trollstigen (Norway)
The Trollstigen Mountain Road is most visited attractions from the Fjord in Norway. It is a steep winding road located in the Rauma region. The word Trollstigen means the Troll Ladder and it relates to a series of stunning roads with a breathtaking view and a couple of incredible waterfalls. The road is very narrow where it gets very difficult for two vehicles to pass each other. Stigfossen Waterfall gushes down the mountainside towards the IIsterdalen Valley.

5. Oberalp Pass (Switzerland)
The Oberalp Pass located 2044 meters above the sea level in the Swiss Mountain that's serves as a link between Central Switzerland and the Graubunden Oberland. This incredible road commands the view of both down into the valley and up to the Gotthard mountains are likely to prove unforgettable. This road is very popular among drivers from Europe but it's only open during the summer months. On the other hand, during winter the Oberalp Pass is closed to road traffic and the road itself is used as a ski slope, toboggan run and hiking trail.

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